Cash Rates


How Much Does an MRI, CT, XR, or Ultrasound Cost ?

The insurance you have determines the copay, deductible, and total amount of these procedures. The amount can vary based on your insurance provider. 

What Will It Cost If I Don’t Have Insurance?

If your provider has ordered an MRI, CT, Ultrasound or X-Ray and you don’t have insurance, you can take advantage of our competitive cash rates. This price includes the radiologist interpretation (report) so there are no additional surprise fees!  

Please note: You must pay with cash, credit card or money order at the time of service.

MRI Cash Rates

MRI w/o Contrast $525
MRI w/ Contrast $630
MRI w/ & w/o Contrast $630

CT Cash Rates

CT w/o Contrast $400
CT w/ Contrast $480
CT w/ & w/o Contrast $480

Ultrasound Cash Rates

Ultrasound $225

X-Ray Cash Rates

X-Ray $85